Business Assignment

Assignments offered to business students during their course of study. Business is a very demanding subject and it requires a lot of leadership qualities and students need to learn to tackle all the problems that come their way and find possible solutions for it. And when they are required to do these business assignments they have to put all these situations in words. Business assignments are very time taking and demanding, students learn a lot at once and they teach students different analytical skills, research skills and so on. Business assignments include a research paper, case study, presentation, reviews, etc. Business assignments are written on the area of business Laws, Finance, Time management, Human Resources, Public Relations, Communication in business, Ethics of business, Marketing management, Staff handling, Customer dealing, Planning etc.

Parts Of Business Assignments

It is mention nowhere clearly about how many parts of business assignments are there because there are different types of assignments; it can be a research paper, a review, or any other thing. That is why assignment writing follows the basic pattern of introduction, the main body, the conclusion. Then in discussion or mid-body part student usually provides sections according to the need. Then at the end, a referencing section is added to cite all the sources used and table of content in the start to give an overview of assignment chapters that is it. Business assignment writing follows the same route too, it includes:

  • An introduction- in which the writer explains the topic, gives the background information, tells the reader how he is going to address his research and discussion etc.
  • The mid-body/discussion- this is the main part of any assignment. The writer gives arguments, provides evidence, present the point of view, support his words through research findings and then present the final results.
  • A conclusion- provides an overview of the entire assignment, restates the main idea of the assignments, and in some cases invites the reader for further work on the topic.
  • Bibliography/references- list or source citation of all the sources; books, journals, websites used during the research and writing process comes in this section. This is a very important part to avoid plagiarism.

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Structure And Presentation Of Business Assignments

Proper presentation of assignment writing requires that the entire assignment is written on the required format, it is assembles according to the basic academic requirement, does not have any proofreading errors including grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, typo errors etc. Each section must be placed in its right order; all the references must be cited correctly, topics, headings, and subheadings must be clearly written etc. All these part actually make the assignment look presentable.
Assignments structures actually guide the students during the writing process very well as how they decided to work on each heading. For the assignment, structure student can finalize a few points for each section such as:


  • Will explain the title in own words.
  • Can have quotations about the topic.
  • Will have a contradictory statement about the topic.
  • Can provide definitions of the complex terminologies used.
  • Main ideas of the topic.


  • Will include a topic sentence.
  • Will have examples, and quotations.
  • Offer explanation for each argument or point made.
  • Every paragraph will end with the statement that will summarize everything discussed in a paragraph.


  • Will be restating four to five main points.
  • No new information will be added.
  • Link it back to the main title.

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