Economics Assignments

Economic is a branch of social science and one of the most chosen fields of study among students around the world. Economic concepts are applied on nearly every field including business, daily social life, healthcare etc. assignments offered in economics field are very demanding as most of its assignments are of very analytical nature, students can find it difficult to deal with. The some of the economics assignment type’s students have to deal with health economic assignments, public economic assignments, business economics assignments, and labor economics assignments, macro and microeconomics assignments and so on.

Parts Of Economic Assignment

  • Introduction: The introductory paragraphs are a guidebook to your reader for your entire assignments. A writer must use very catchy words to write this part because it can actually make the reader decide either he wants to continue readings or not as it is the first impression of any assignment to the reader. Do not make the assignments introductory paragraph look too long. An introduction must have:

    (i) All the background information on the topic.

    (ii) Adds all interesting facts about the topic.

    (iii) Define all the terminologies used you think the reader will not be familiar with.

    (iv) Give an outline of all the main ideas you will be presenting.

    (v) Explain the purpose also of writing about that topic.
  • Mid Body Paragraph: The discussion or the mid body paragraph is the main part of the entire assignment as it contains all the main arguments, reasons, topic discussion and all. The writer can plan this part according to his own topic need. The mid-body paragraph must have:

    (i) The introductory sentence or as called sometimes topic sentence.

    (ii) Arguments, evidence, examples, quotations, and solutions.

    (iii) Some basic points detail explanation.

    (iv) Every part must end on a concluding sentence to overview the whole paragraph.
  • Conclusion: The concluding paragraph shouldn’t be too long either. This part should not have any new information as conclusions are just put to draw the whole result, give an overview, restate of main points and if the writers want then he can invite the audience for further discussion.
  • Reference: In this part writer adds a list or cite all the sources he has used in his assignment and that was not his own, as it can be a serious legal offense to use someone else work as your own.

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Structure And Presentation Of Assignments:

What is a proper assignment presentation? A proper assignment presentation means that the entire assignment must look formal and it should represent the writer’s efforts neatly. Make sure that all the assignment headings and sub-headings are mentioned properly, table of content is properly written and attached with exact page numbers, the reference section is stapled, and the required format is used. Proofreading is accurately done assignments don’t have any grammar, spelling, typing, printing or any other mistake. Good editing is the key. Assignment structure means planning each heading of your assignment means how many paragraphs under each heading, will it be divided into sub-heading or not, linking paragraphs, word counts, or the length of three major parts means introduction 10-20%, discussion 60-70% and conclusion 5-10%.

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How To Write Economic Assignments?

  • Understand a Topic Given/Choose a Topic: Break down the topic provided and understand each part carefully and see what your question demanding you to answer. Look for the key terms which are guiding you on how you need to put up your assignments. Critically analyze the topic so the assignment writing can be easy. If the topic choice is up to you then pick a topic which will keep you interested till the end page.
  • Effective Research: Research is the key behind any well-written assignment of course or how else you would get your material and evidence and examples to support your argument point in your assignment. Checkbooks, journals, internet etc. where you think you can find enough information related to your topic.
  • Plan the Assignment Writing: Before you start working on your writing part, make a proper plan of how many parts you want in your assignment, which information you want to finalize to put under each section, or how your paragraphs going to state your arguments etc. Take notes and make a very effective plan as it will actually give you a track to follow while writing your assignment.
  • Work on Writing Part: Start writing your assignment immediately right after done with the above three steps. Most students find it easy to work on the first thing last. Means when you are done with the discussion part, writer the conclusion and then at the end write your introduction. This actually helps to write a good introduction as now you know what your assignment holds.
  • Referencing: Make sure to add a list of all the sources you have used to avoid plagiarism.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Edit your first draft make all the necessary changes and remove all the unnecessary parts. Be very rigid with this. Make sure the entire work is free from all sorts of mistakes and errors.

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