Nursing Essays

Nursing essays can actually be written for publication, offer as an assignment or any other academic requirement. It can also be written for journal publications or professional conferences. A lot of people think that nursing is just a practical profession than why do nurses need to write an essay? The thing is that nursing essays sometimes record their specific experiences or sometimes it checks the writers understanding of a specific theoretical topic that will be related to the practical practices. Essay writing also enhances research and writing skills which is always helpful for a nurse’s further professional career. Nursing essays are also written as a necessary requirement in college admission application in nursing school. Nursing essays can be written on management, managed health care, individual care, handling the hospital multiple experiences, dealing with patients, diseases, mentorship in a nursing essay, nursing essay for placement, reflective nursing essay etc.

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Parts Of Nursing Essays

Every essay must have a definite structure of three parts: the introduction of the essay, the mid body of the essay and the conclusion. Let just elaborate more what comes in each of these essays to help with your essay writing.

  • Introduction: Introduction actually makes the reader familiar with background information but yes definitely every different type of nursing essay’s introduction looks different than other. An introduction to an annotated bibliography of a nursing essay will definitely look different than the critical analysis essay. In introduction explicate the points and concepts readers would need to understand the further discussion. An introduction is always incomplete without a thesis statement. Be very creative with this part of your essay as it always catches the reader’s attention. The introduction is what always makes the reader decide to continue further or not.
  • Main Body: The main body is usually the lengthiest part of the essay and it is most often further divided into paragraphs headings or subheadings. Every paragraph of this part starts with a topic main idea and then further discussed with reasons. All the research findings from previously done work are added and a writer adds his own experiences or point of view depends on the essay type. End each paragraph with a sentence that must be summarizing paragraph main discussion. There must be coherence in all ideas and every topic should ties the whole essay back to the main topic.
  • Conclusion: Start this part of the essay by restating the topic statement, thesis statement. The overall conclusion derived from the research and discussion and rewrite the main ideas of the discussion with selected words. It can give further recommendations about something also. But nothing new should be added in this part at all. Its word use must be alerting the reader that the essay is about to end. The conclusion must be summing up everything whatever writer has in mind in a few words. It must look appealing and very distinguished. Then, of course, come the reference part in which writer acknowledges all the sources he has used while his research or collecting data for the essay. The citations for all the sources are necessary in order to avoid plagiarism and give readers more routes to walk on to understand further the topic of the essay.

How To Write Nursing Essays?

This complete guide on how to write a nursing essay will definitely help you with successful standard nursing essay writing.

  • Breaking and Analyzing the Question: Before you start writing anything an essay or any sort of paper, understanding the question and making yourself familiar with its requirement is vital. Look at the terms, the key terms that are actually telling you what you are exactly supposed to write in your essay. Analyzing the question will actually help to decide a proper structure so can decide the relevant information for your essay. Nursing essay actually explains how your theory learning is going to impact your practice phase. Be very careful with each part.
  • Variety of Data Collection: For writing a nursing essay it is so much important to have a very good understanding with the subject because all nursing essays are planned for is to test the knowledge, interest, and understanding of a student on any specific subject. So having good material collected on that essay topic is the key to a successful essay. The places you can look for your research is definitely library, internet etc. Reference book reading is always a good choice to get the most authentic data but does consider the point that books can’t provide you the up-to-date information always so always check the articles and journals too. Internet research is also a good option but always check the originality of the material.
  • Structure the Draft: This is your first step towards actual essay writing. Finalize a draft structure of your essay. Every nursing essay must always have three parts:
    The Introduction
    The Mid Body
    While structuring the essay you actually decide what you want to add in each part of the essay. Means what background information must essay introduction have, how you are going to answer the essay and what will be the possible ending of the essay. What will be the main points to discuss in each paragraph of the main body, the possibilities of logical arguments and how you will be linking the paragraphs with each other? And your final words to some of your findings and results in conclusion.
  • Draft and Redraft: Prepare your essay first draft that can be read and can be changed, means amended. Write on first, and then ask people to read it and make changes. This is the best way to see if all your arguments are following a coherent structure. There is also another way for it that after you complete your essay, leave a gap of two to three days in between and the start redrafting. Final check before submission: make sure the essay is following the regular pattern, it has all that you decided on the first day of writing. Don’t miss anything from the requirement list to give your essay outset any bad look.
  • Correct Citation: Be very careful with this part, as it can also lead to serious plagiarism offense. Make sure to reference all the resources you have used in your essay writing. A reader can also get to that specific material if he wants related to the topic. Reference each of the sources by name for example if you are citing a book, enter the heading ‘book’, the name of the book and then add a proper URL for it.
  • Proofreading: This is very much important because any sort of grammatical error, structural mistake, spelling mistake, the typographical error can actually give a very unhealthy look to your essay. In the end, the essay should have a proper and finishing look.
  • Be Selective: Try to be a little less descriptive and do not write more than should. As first every essay has a limited word count and secondly, an overly ambitious writer can actually confuse the reader. You paragraphs, sentences must be short. Even if after reducing the certain lines you can deliver the right information, feel free to cut it up.
  • No Repetition: This is one of all the basic steps to make any essay interesting is to avoid any sort of repetition. Do not put your reader to sleep by putting same words and discussing same ideas over and over again.

Structure And Presentation Of Nursing Essays

Structuring your essay means to decide what you are actually going to write and how you are actually going to plan each of the basic three parts of the essay. There are followings tips to actually help you to structure each part of the essay.

Introduction Structure

  • Don’t extend more than one paragraph.
  • Start with a relevant context.
  • Explain the significance/objective of topic.
  • 10% of the total word count.
  • Discuss key terms.

Main Body Structure

  • Divided into three paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph will have two more section.
  • In relation with nursing practice.
  • All information from relevant sources.
  • 80% of total word count.
  • Each paragraph will from the main idea of the topic.

Conclusion Structure

  • Only one paragraph.
  • Summary/overview.
  • No new information added.
  • 5 to 10% of the total word count.

    This is how a general structure of an essay looks like. A student can adjust it more or less according to the need. A general structure is always helpful in writing a good essay. You can always track your writing.

A Proper Nursing Essay Presentation

  • Always written on required format.
  • All the sources used are cited correctly and credits must be given.
  • No grammatical mistakes for example punctuation, active/passive uses etc.
  • Thesis is properly written.
  • Title is mentioned accordingly.
  • No more proofreading required.
  • Editing is properly done.
  • Appropriate language is used.
  • None of the sections should have spelling mistakes or typographical error.
  • Must look formal and in ready-to-publish look.

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