Why Are Essays Given To High School Students?

Essays are literally element that includes writers own judgments in it. Every school has its own course structure for every subject. Why mainly essays are a common part of it, maybe because they are good for enhancing the writings skills. Writing an essay include so many parts like thinking, evaluating the topic, research, planning etc. so essay writing can actually be helpful to develop multiple efficient skills in a student including:

  • Good research skills
  • Thinking, evaluating and analyzing skills
  • Better writing skills
  • Strong grammar and vocabulary building
  • Stating own point of views

The other reason why essays are normally offered more at the high school is that the school-based curriculum is actually planned to prepare students for college admission and essays are normally a definite requirement with each application.

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Writing Skills For High School Essay

Not every student is now a day’s found to be very active in writing activities that’s why students don’t have a good hand with writings either. Observed a normal high school student and ask them about anything story, they will be very good with the explanation of each part but when you ask them to write the same thing, the results would be different. Essays are the best way to introduce writing from a high school student because this is a very mandatory step for college application and will definitely be beneficial in their future studies.Below mention are some of the important essays writing skills for a brilliantly written essay. There isn’t anything new we are discussing but still, so many high school students must be very unfamiliar with it. Let’s have a look!

  • Analyzing the Question: Not in every case every time but topics are usually provided in essay writing. So the first and the most important step of the student writer is to break down the essay question in different parts and start to understand its every part. This will help a student to move a step further in essay writing.
  • Creating New Ideas: After breaking down the question and having the mindset with it, start developing new ideas and ways to present your essay. A very creative idea to present the work and writing the essay will always grab the interest in writing.
  • Research: This is always very important because this is from where a writer’s get mainly 70% of essay matter. A good research always gives good evidence to have some supportive argument in the essay. And just not arguments it also helps with the collection of more valuable data to strengthen the main body of the essay.
  • Determine Correct Fullness of the Research Context: Make sure to have an efficient research and not just put anything in the essay. This will definitely not be a good idea. Why? Because the entire essay can be wrong if the writer has not checked the authenticity of the knowledge he has gathered.
  • Arrange the Found Information: Make sure to organize the information found before starting the writing part. In that way, you will know what to include and what to omit from the essay and how to divide the information into sections.
  • A Good Straight Introduction and Conclusion: The introduction must be vague giving all the necessary background information about the topic. The conclusion should be nicely restated and nothing new should be added in this part.
  • Ties to the Question: There must be coherence in the ideas of the entire essay. Every new information added must be connecting the essay back to its main topic.
  • Strong Facts Supporting Arguments: All the arguments used in the essay must have strong evidence and supporting statements.
  • Source Citation: All the information which you have added in the essay and which doesn’t belong to the writer and is a part of some one’s else work must be cited so the reader can read more too if he wants. It can also save the work from plagiarism.
  • Editing and Proofreading: This is the essential final step. Make sure to check neatly and find errors in the work.

What To Include In High School Essays?

This mainly depends on the subject. An English subject essay requirement will definitely be different from science. A writer set the essay structure according to the academic requirements. There are few points to consider in general while writing an essay and those are:

  • All the background information of the topic.
  • Answered of all the questions asked.
  • Good reasons and supportive arguments.
  • Related examples.
  • Enough evidences to support judgment.
  • Detailed explanations of anything important.
  • Source citations.
  • A well written introduction and conclusion.

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