Grammar Issue In Essays

Grammar corrections come under the heading of proofreading. For grammar corrections the things need to consider are if the verbs used in sentence are in all on form means if on sentence is in present, rest need to be in present too. Than the use of first person pronoun, second person pronoun or third person pronoun in a sentence. Good use of active or passive verbs. Grammatical corrections are must as they usually change the meaning of the sentence.

Structure Issues In Essays

Structure issue at the level of sentence or paragraphs. Sometimes students use subject and forgets the verb, sometime verb is present and subject is missing, or many times on sentence carry two subjects and two verbs and they writer fails to separate them with a proper conjunctions. Paragraphs often are not in a flow and do not deliver the same information and lacks the topic sentence, arguments, and examples or concluding sentence. For proper presentation of paper, proper structure of sentence and paragraphs must be use.

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Spelling Issues In Essays

A good use of vocabulary can actually makes the paper look very formal and considerably written. Before using any vocabulary writer must know the meaning of it, it’s important. Then spelling mistakes can give very unhealthy looks to the paper. Check all the spellings twice to make sure that there isn’t any mistake in it.

Our Services

We offer editing and proofreading service for all of your essays, assignments and dissertation. In our team we just do not have writers but we also have expert editors and proofreaders too. Our editing and proofreading service works along with writing to make any paper error free. With our editing we always check that there is no unnecessary information, every paragraph ahs the relevant information required and paragraph information are in flow. Then with proofreading part we check for all grammar issues, spellings errors, structural and formatting error, and typo errors means we also check if there isn’t any typing or printing mistake in your paper. Our editing and proofreading makes you work perfect by all means.

Formatting And Presentation Of Essays:

Essay formats are really important. Usually students would follow the format present in their academic requirements. A well used format is actually required for essay writing. Normal formats used are APA, MLA, Chicago or others.

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  • The works we will provide will all your requirements.
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