What Is Literature Review?

A literature review is the evaluation of data from any literature included in your subject or you have chosen to work on. Its main work is; to focus the specific literature, it converts the main information of literature into a summary, analyzing critically the literature and finding the problems, contradictions etc and it presents the literature at the end in the final and organized way. When it comes to critical papers of any kind. They are usually difficult to write. And the main reason is that you have to go very thoroughly and read each and ever6y bit of it in order to provide a solid review about it. This is not at all easy. And there are many students who struggle with this task. Mainly because these students find it really very hard to follow the protocol and write a well-suited review. This sort of literature review is mostly given in social sciences assignments and many other experiment driven subjects. Student’s find it hard to write the perfect literature review for their thesis or dissertation. We at pen my paper have come up with the perfect solution for such students who struggle. We offer the best literature review service for your needs. Our literature review writing services is one of the best you can find online. Our experts take care of all your needs and want. You can rely on our expert literature review writers for the work they deliver. We can proudly say that because we have a team of expert literature writers who have devoted their time and energy to providing the best quality literature review work for you. Our literature review expert’s works very hard on each and every project that comes their way. Our team delivers the work right before time. So when working with us you don’t have to worry about meeting the deadline. We have expert literature review analysts and writers for each and every academic subject. We cater to all the academic subjects. We hire qualified writers from almost every academic field. So if you are thinking that we can’t work on the subject you want help with then you’re wrong. We cater all the fields. No matter which academic field you want help with, we are there to assist you. We have helped a number of students and they choose us time and again whenever they need help with literature review. It’s about time you stop worrying about who is going to help you with your literature review work. Pen my paper is here to serve you with the top quality literature review writing help.

How To Search Data For Literature Review?

  • Keywords can be used to find written material such as articles or web content from libraries or the internet. Make sure to check data authenticity if it’s from the internet.
  • Search articles related to the topic present in different databases. Use the source that provides full-length articles.
  • Start with searching the summaries or reviews of the articles related to the specific topic.
  • Give your search a more push by looking for current issues or any previous issue related to the topic. Check journals and articles for this.
  • Check if you can find any books written only on that topic specifically or hunt for writers who especially write for that topic. See if there were any conferences taken place on this.
  • Whatever is added, make sure to check the authenticity of matter.

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Empirical Studies

Collection of primary data and its analysis collected from direct observation. Empirical studies explain the current situations going around based on firsthand information collected. It can be of two types; qualitative empirical studies or qualitative empirical studies. Qualitative empirical studies provide in-depth information and deeply knowledgeable data to help the reader in understanding any particular situation or phenomenon used and they cannot be generalized. Quantitative empirical studies include surveys questioning who, what, where, when phenomenon. They are pretty descriptive and to provide the reason they have to have analytical experiments.

Theoretical Evidence

The theoretical evidence is based on ideas and theories. It will include all the works that are necessary for analysis. Theoretical evidence has both knowledge and acceptance of theories. If theoretical evidence statements, hypothesis or theories are not confirmed, then they are considering false. Try approaching different types of research for theoretical evidence.

Developing Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework is present in initial pages of dissertations and they provide sets of ideas for the act of research to find a solution to any specific problem. Theoretical frameworks are important as they provide writings for examining any problem; it helps in explaining hypothesis and provides with research initial and final observation, research ideas, and defines the important concepts readers need to know. Theoretical frameworks are developed from literature reviews. This includes how writer first initially observed the problem after reading the literature and pointing out weak points. The problem is presented by providing a literature summary. The variables of interest help the reader to understand theory relationships. Start with explaining what the majority audience knows about the variables and what else can be explained on this ground. Find a related theory that helps in explaining the major problems of research. Inform the reader about research prediction.

How To Write Critical Reviews?

Critical reviews are usually written to summarize a text. It can be of a book, any individual chapter, or an article. Its major requirement is to read the text in detail or any other related text to provide a very good text evaluation. The major steps which help are:

  • Take Notes while Reading:Read the entire selected context and take notes. Cover different questions in it as what is the text is all about, what are writer’s main intention and predictions if there is any contradiction etc.
  • Plan your writing part:
  • The First Start is Summary: Make sure to provide a summary of the text as the reader may not have read the entire article. In summary focus and cover all main points of your article.
  • Second is Evaluating Data: Evaluation can explicitly (directly) or implicitly (indirectly). Explicit states directly how you are going to evaluate your text and implicit is little less direct. Use very evaluating language for your critical review.
  • Conclusion: Provide the overall conclusion of the work. Look at the main points and restate them all. Use very limited words for this.

Qualities Of A Good Review

  • It must be providing all the information a subject requires.
  • Logical organization is not important but providing it with sold literature points.
  • Formatting style must the stipulated one, make sure to use the right format required.
  • Research question must be clearly stated and must be presenting the theoretical framework.
  • It must be opening new grounds for the writer’s research topic.
  • It should provide the readers with the definitions of all the terminology used.
  • It must be using quotations if needed.
  • Books and journals must be the first priority while writing literature reviews.
  • All the material supporting or opposing the topic must be used in balance.
  • It must not contain any irrelevant information from the research.
  • The data collected must be inherited from authentic sources.
  • It can have more study findings that can support the topic.

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