Law Essays

Law essays or legal essays are defined as:
“Any literary piece of writing that is explaining, explore, evaluating, and analyzing any specific issue or area of law with strong criticism and objections.” Every good law essay contains very detailed strong and balanced analysis and just as per requirement of the subject, it must have very good supporting evidence to support each of its arguments.

Parts Of Law Essays

  • Introduction: This part of your essay must have a thesis; it gives the parameter of the discussion, presents the essay structure outline and provides the discussion context. It always good to elaborate the purpose of topic discussion in the introduction.
  • Main Body: Body paragraphs provide the analysis of data, arguments, and reasons to support arguments. Each body paragraphs starts with the topic sentence and each part must be referencing back to the main idea or thesis.
  • Conclusion: In conclusion, the writer usually sums up his words in the selective amount of word counts. Nothing is added in this part of the essay and its words usually alarm the reader that essay is going to end. Sometimes it invites readers for further discussion or gives an appropriate advice about any specific thing.
  • References: In this part come all the books, researches, journals and websites that you have used and that had helped you while writing your essay.

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How To Write Law Essays?

  • Essay writing first off needs a really good topic. If the topic is provided break it down and start analyzing. See the key terms criticize, explain, discus elaborate to know what you need to write about and what will be your focus in the essay. If the topic is not provided then brainstorm for a good topic and chose something of your interest to make the writing process enjoyable till the end.
  • Go through in depth research of your topic and find the valuable data from different resources including books, journals, internet etc. Separate the material you want to use and then divide it into sections accordingly.
  • Plan the outline of your essay then structure each heading. What you want to add? Which part is going to take the most important information? Word count for every part etc.
  • Take notes while working on essay to remind later about the important point during the writing parts.
  • Editing and proofreading is important as it can make your essay accepted or rejected.
  • Citation part is very important. Do it hand to hand.

Structure And Presentation Of Law Essay

  • Title of the essay must be very clearly written and directly related to the point because that’s what catches the reader attention first and make him decide to read the paper further.
  • Use the terminology that the reading audience will understand.
  • Headings and subheadings are used. Subheadings actually let you decide what and how to elaborate each of your headings more.
  • The introduction must be short and tell the reader the main focus of the essay. The introduction can be 10 to 20 % of the essay. Must be written in only one paragraph.
  • A good introduction has a thesis.
  • The main body must have all the arguments with supporting evidence and reasons.
  • The main body comprises 80% to 90% of the entire essay, it’s the lengthiest part of the essay.
  • Concluding paragraph must not have anything new.

    In presentation writer must consider that the title is mentioned properly, editing and proofreading is done accordingly, there are no mistakes relating to anything: grammar, language, spelling, typing, and printing etc. all the sources must be cited properly and the entire essay must be written on the standard format of APA, MLA, Chicago or any other required format asked by the university. The essay must be following all the academic requirements.

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