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Essays are literally element usually 2000-2500 words long (not in all cases). A student writes on a particular topic and gives his own point of judgment too. Essays are usually offered to students as a part of assignments and that includes their final grades. Essays are further sub-divided into formal and informal. Essays can be written for any subject including business essays, nursing essays, science essays, law essays etc. Student often doesn’t find that easy to deal with because of poor writing skills that's why it is always better to ask for a best essay help or search essay writing help online.

Parts Of A Good Essay

An essay must have to follow a standardized pattern which includes an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Now an essay can have five paragraphs primitive structures in which the main body is furthermore divided into three parts now let’s elaborate what is normally written under each of these headings in any of the essays. This is not a must look for any essay but at least it gives any writer’s essay writing a good starting point.

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This is the starting part of an essay and the most important part any essay too because this grabs readers attention more, after topic, at the very first sight. A good essay has a quality always that it ends with the statement, an essay thesis, which is not just a topic but a sentence that controls the main idea that lies within the paper and often reflects writer’s personal opinions and judgment about that specific topic. A writer must be very careful about the usage of the attractive and appropriate word because this also counts as a major difference between a strong essay and a weak essay. An introductory part is always set to showcase the importance of an essay. An introduction must not be very lengthy and a writer must not be way more ambitious about writing it because that can limit the word count for the rest of the essay, as every essay has given numbers of word count. For a good-short introduction make sure to overarch the category of your essay first.

Main Body

In this part, an essay thesis is generally openly discussed. It can be written in just one whole paragraph or a writer can be divided into three and can turn the essay into an always-used typical five-paragraph structure, also but in modern essay writing a single paragraph delivering the whole information is preferred sometimes too. The main body paragraph follows the introduction and each paragraph begins with the sentence of a topic. If the essay thesis has one or more main points than the main body paragraphs must be discussing them all. As for a heading, the main body spells out all the reasons and examples to support the thesis of an essay.


The concluding paragraph just restates the thesis and gives final words. A writer’s last chance to explain his point so it must look rigidly done and should not be treated as an afterthought. It must have ‘a call for action’ statement to alarm the reader that the essay is finally going to an end.

Qualities Of Good Essay

  • A Well-Done Introduction: This is like the striking feature of any essay because as stated above, it gives the first impression of the essay to the reader. A good introduction to each essay must have the decent background information.
  • The Thesis Must Be Clearly Stated: A clearly stated statement of the topic or as called thesis has very catchy words and must not have any confusion in it. It can have two to three main points but all must be reflecting the same knowledge. It must contain a single provable claim. Essay normally used in the third person.
  • Standardize the Format: Your essay must look formal and according to your educational level. Whatever format an essay it following, must be maintained throughout the writing.
  • Proper Usage of Grammar: The essay must not have any punctuation errors as it can change the meaning of the entire sentence. Use of mono tense means the whole sentence must in just one tense, and words must be strictly used as either first person, second person, or third perspective. The essay must be written and words must be used according to the basic grammar rules.
  • Convincing Essay: An essay must have all the reasons and other statements strongly stated with proves that it just made the reader agreed on whatever is written. This is the class of a good quality essay. It proves the reader that the claim in the essay is definitely authentic.
  • Coherence and Unity of Ideas: The writer must use transitions to interrelate all of the ideas logically and effectively. Each paragraph should have statements, reasons or ideas that must ties the main body paragraphs back to the thesis and illustrates the central idea of the essay.
  • Unnecessary Repletion: Repetition of words, sentences, phrases, ideas and the same thing over and over again can actually take all of the reader’s attention and interest away from the essay. Even if there is the only thing to talk about be very creative with it each time.
  • Sentences Clarity: A reader will read exactly what a writer will write. So try not writing any confusing sentences, it may deliver the wrong information to the reader. Be very clear with your words and sentences.
  • Edited and Proofread: An essay without any mistakes shows writers attention and dedication towards the work. Essay before presenting to the teacher must be correctly checked and proofread.
  • Multiple Types of Sentence: More complex and compound sentences must be used. Variety of sentence enhances the quality of the essay, always.
  • Good Hands on Vocabulary: Try to be very good with vocabulary use. It can open doors to understanding for a reader and make the essay fancier. A wrongly used word sometimes can give a very healthy look to the essay.

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