Description Of Business Essays

Business essays are apart of course curriculum plan for the students who take the business course as a subject. There are many types of business essays including business strategies essay, business analytical essays, leadership, and management essay and much more. Business essay most probably discusses business plans, new market strategies, new changes occurring in the market world, profit, loss etc. these types of essay usually examine the whole strategies and situations and after effects very deeply. Sometimes these types of essays can also be written on someone who is really successful in this field and can discuss and evaluate their plans and strategies they have used which made them successful. Business is a worldwide growing field and a lot of students is self-choosing to study it because of its demand. Essay writing in this field is very much important because that helps the student further with writing, researching, analyzing, and understanding the marketing skills.

Parts Of Business Essays

An essay must have to follow a standardized pattern which includes an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Now an essay can have five paragraphs primitive structures in which the main body is furthermore divided into three parts now let’s elaborate what is normally written under each of these headings in any of the essays. This is not a must look for any essay but at least it gives any writer’s essay writing a good starting point.

  • Introduction: Introduction mainly gives the reader a little intro about the background; tell the main focus of the subject and how a writer is going to address it. An introduction is the most important part as it catches the reader’s attention.
  • Main Body: Main body paragraphs provide the main discussion. Usually, it is divided into three paragraphs and each paragraph starts with a topic introduction. Each argument is supported by strong evidence and each paragraph ties the whole essay back to the central idea. This is what it necessary elements look like:
    Background information
    Research findings
    Discussion with supporting evidence
  • Conclusion: A concluding paragraph states nothing new. It just repeats the main points of the essay, sums up the discussion or sometimes opens doors to new discussion for the readers.
  • References: Reader in this acknowledged the previous writers work by citing source he has used in his essay writing.
  • Appendices: Writers provide all external links to those parts of his research and writing part that cannot be added to the main body of the essay because they are way too long.

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How To Write Business Essays?

In a business field, it doesn’t matter which type of essay you are working on, but your essay must have two things:

  • It must represent and have all the relevant content
  • All of its arguments must be supported by evidence

    Follow these guidelines for any successful business essay writing:
  • Analyze Your Essay Question: Read and understand your question very carefully. See what’s your question is asking you to put as an answer in your essay. Look right for your keywords and start working according to them. Keywords which include compare, criticize, elaborate, relate, explain, illustrate, discuss, describe etc. This will help you a lot to go through your essay easily. If you choose your essay topic make sure make sure to go for the thing that interests you so that will keep you interested in writing your essay till the end plus chose the topic that only has one thing to focus on.
  • Excellent Research Is the Key: Once you know what you need to discuss in your essay and your required area of research start working on it. Adds layers of information in your essay through wide research. Choose the books, journals, and recent researches to add valid points in your research. Check internet resources, but whatever source you use to study, make sure to cite it correctly to avoid any sort of plagiarism charges.
  • Plan the Essay: Always decide your essay pre-hand. Which headings you want to use, how you want to divide each of your heading, which material from your research you actually chose to use in your essay, select the basic the omit the rest. Each part of your essay including introduction, main body, conclusion, and reference must be plan properly before you start working on it.
  • Writing Part: Start writing after you have your research material collected, essay structure ready and have proper essay plan. Do not delay this process long or else you forgot some of the main points. Make sure to take notes from every part before you start writing an essay. Draft and redraft your entire essay in order to get the perfection.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Editing and proofreading is the most important part after writing just because it will give your entire essay the formal and finish the look. Point out all the errors you think your essay has. Make sure the entire essay doesn’t have any spelling mistakes, typo errors or grammatical errors. Ask for a second person too to check your essay to give second person view on your essay.
  • Referencing Correctly: The key point to do this part right is to do it while you’re researching for your material, the material you pick to choose to cite it right there, because else you may lose it forgot to mention it.

Structure And Presentation Of Business Essay

The presentation of business essay has following key points

  • Essay writing on the required format.
  • No citation mistakes.
  • No grammatical errors, typo errors and spelling mistakes.
  • All the data must be mentioned correctly.
  • Essay title must be clearly written.
  • Editing and proofreading completed.

    Every student decides their own structure of essay but it has certain steps to follow:
  • Each paragraphs of your essay must be starting from the topic sentence.
  • Every paragraph of main body must have supporting examples.
  • Maximum word count set. (Example: introduction 10-15%, main body 70-90%, conclusion 5-10%)
  • Nothing new should be added in conclusion and it must restate all the main points of the essay.
  • Introductory paragraph must give all the background information and the essay main focus.

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