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Quite a lot of people think that editing and proofreading is the same thing. No, not really, editing and proofreading are not exactly the same. Editing is basically done right after student prepares it the first draft for writing and proofreading is the process after the entire writing procedure is completed. But the means of essay editing is somewhere the same, to make any work totally flawless. It means after a work has gone through this step, it shouldn’t have any sort of errors or mistakes. The editing and proofreading step in any writing work must work on the:

  • Grammar Issue in Essays: Grammatical errors can actually change the meaning of the entire essay. The use of correct punctuation, first person, second person and third person pronouns, sentence expressed in active voice and passive voice, forms of the verb, and all the other grammatical corrections are included in this part.
  • Structure Issues in Essays: A well-written essay always has perfect structure both at sentence level or paragraph level. Sentence level structure faults can be sentence fragments types in which either a subject or a verb is not present or run-on sentences which can have two or more subjects with predicates and the two sentences are joined properly with conjunctions. Then sentence can have a subject-verb disagreement, comma splices, parallelism etc. Every essay must be well structured at primary or secondary level.
  • Spelling Issues in Essays: A good use of vocabulary is very important in essay writing to deliver the proper exact meaning. Any mistake in spelling writing can actually deliver the entire new meaning of the sentence or paragraph and can give a very unhealthy look to the essay writing.
  • Formatting and Presentation of Essays: Formatting is very much important and it can actually lead to the cancellation of the writing. For a proper essay, it is very much important that it is written on a proper required format as per academic requirement. Normally used writing formats are APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. The presentation includes that the thesis/topic must be clearly mentioned and stated, all the sources must be cited properly and others, flow in paragraph writing etc. hence, formatting and presentation are the two most important parts of the essay.
  • Our Essay Editing Services: At we are promising a very high-quality essay editing services because our editing and proofreading service works along with writing service to make it perfect. After the writing part of your essay is done our essay editors re-read and edit your draft, delete the unnecessary repetitions, make sure every part has relevant information under each heading etc. Then right after your final draft is ready our proofreader’s works on it to make it free from all sorts of errors free. And that is why we are very much confident about providing the best essay editing services to our customers.

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Guarantees Of Our Essay Editing & Proofreading Services

The essay editing help we will provide you will definitely be fitting under certain categories:

  • Your essay will be written on the proper format as per requirement.
  • The essay will be free from all sorts of spelling mistakes and will represent proper language.
  • There will be no punctuation, use of verb forms, or any other grammatical errors in the essay provided.
  • Proper essay structure will be used.

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