What Are Economic Essays?

A lot of people think that economic essays are written on any topic related to money, but this is not entirely true. Economic, as defined by the subject, are written on “person making an everyday choice”. And as we can observe in our daily life, not every decision we make is related to money. But a part of it is also about making valuable and efficient choices for budgeting too. Economics essay can also be categorized under business essays. In general economic essays have to do a lot with money but it also has to do with the human lives part relating to money.

Parts Of Economic Essays

The economic essay also follows the normal structure of essay writing and that includes:

  • Introduction: which explains the question of the essay describes why that question is important with reference to economic world maybe, outlines the structure and tell the readers the parameters for discussion.
  • Mid body paragraphs: writing and ideas flow should very flawless and clear. The reader must get the idea what you are talking about, arguments and supporting reasons must be strong and straightforward, each paragraph must tie back the whole essay body to the main idea. Each paragraph should start with a statement that it must look like a question.
  • Conclusion: must summarize the whole arguments and can open discussions if the writer wants. It also can give the importance of provided answers. Restate the main points. Nothing new should be added in this part.
  • Reference/bibliography: use citation or make a list of all those materials used in essay writing. This part is very important legally.

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Structure And Presentation Of Economic Essay

The presentation of the entire essay must be error free and give formal looks. None of the essay parts must have grammar errors, spelling errors, typo errors and all. The proper language should be used and essay should be written in the regular format and must be following all academic criteria for essay writing asked by the university. The structure should be well planned accordingly. In this structure a student can decide the writing part divisions of essay means introduction will only be 10-15%, body paragraphs will be 70-80% and the conclusion will be 5-10% of the entire essay. Each body paragraph must start from a topic sentence. Nothing new should be added in the conclusion, or introduction should have a thesis statement etc. Referencing in the section above of how to write an economic essay, a regular guide for essay structure is given.

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How To Write Economic Essays?

  • Read and Understand the Given Question Carefully: This first thing to do to write an economic essay is to analyze the given topic or question of any essay carefully. Take out all the essentials key elements you need to do this focus on the main words of the questions.
  • Have an in-depth Research of the Topic: After you are done understanding and analyzing the questions it is definitely the time for you to add layers of information to your topic through very good research. Stay focused on your given topic. Do not collect anything extra.
  • Write a Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is the essay main argument and the most discussed part too. A thesis stamen must answer back the essay question or topic. This part helps with structuring the main body of your essay.
  • Plan the Essay Contest: Plan how you want to write your essay. Try to develop some creative ideas about your essay writing. A good essay plan always helps to stay focus on your essay writing. Mention the point of your focus for your essay. Write a bit of information under each point what you got from your research work.
  • Design the Structure: Plan out the entire structure of your essay. Decide which headings and subheadings you want to add in your essay. Plan out your essay paragraphs and which information you want to put in each part. Like for example which part will have all the evidence, how you can put all the paragraphs inflow, introduction and conclusion shouldn’t be more than one paragraph etc.
  • The Writing Part of an Essay:

    (i) Writing The Introduction:Plan the argument of your essay in the introduction so you can stick to it for the rest of your essay. Provide reader a complete background to your topic. Structure your discussion here.

    (ii) Writing The Body Paragraphs: Start each paragraph with a sentence that will tell the reader what each paragraph is going to cover. Make sure every paragraph information must be tying it back to the central idea of the body. Provide strong evidence for each part of your argument in this section.

    (iii) Writing The Conclusion: Conclusion must summarize the writer whole point of view. A writer can provide the platform for the discussion here. Make sure not to add any new information or anything new in this part. Make some attention taking decisions here in this part.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Make sure that your essay is free of all sorts of grammar, spelling, typo and structure errors. Go check the whole essay is following the given word count. If any of the paragraphs are getting off the track and providing the information which is not necessary and even without it the essay would be complete, then cut it off right there. See if the whole essay is directly connected to the question and argument of the essay. See if the references part is done correctly, and ask for a second help if you want. These are the necessary amendments a writer needs to check for after completing the writing of essay and before submitting the essay.

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